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Investigate Production Incidents
10X faster using AI

ZeroK radically simplifies the time consuming and stressful

investigation workflow, using AI agents

Zero code change

Kubernetes first


When a production incident occurs, ZeroK’s AI automatically pulls the most relevant data from across your stack, creates a collaborative AI workspace, surfaces likely causes and performs critical tasks with respect to the investigation.

90% Lower MTTR

Go straight from an alert to the specific line of code that caused it in seconds. Our AI agent surfaces likely cause of an issue with supporting observability data for developers to validate.

10X Dev Productivity

Reduce on-call bandwidth by 10x. ZeroK's always on agent continuously probes for issues and performs investigations - even when your devs are sleeping. 

Zero Code Changes

A simple drop-in to your cluster for integrating with your Open Telemetry and eBPF agents. Integrate with other data sources in a few clicks.

zkctl install

Property 1=Datadog.png
Property 1=grafana.png
Property 1=open telemetry.png
Property 1=prometheus.png
Property 1=Sentry.png

Integrates with your existing stack

Integrate with Observability tools such as Prometheus, Open Telemetry, APM providers, and Logging platforms with a simple flow.

Native collaboration workflows

Create a custom workspace, work with other engineers, perform clean handoffs, automate postmortem generation and more.

Ready to eliminate microservice chaos?

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You’ll get to work on bleeding edge AI tech. You’ll also work on data streaming and processing at massive scale (TBs/ hour). You will also be going deep into technologies like eBPF, Kubernetes and OpenTelemetry.

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